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A building material like no other with a lifespan of 100+ years.

"It is only impossible if you have not tried it"

LBM UHPC are specialists with experience in the development and application of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete. Some of us have been involved in the early years of UHPC development.

We have initiated or accompanied many developments for a wide range of applications in a variety of markets. Much of what we conceptualized back then is only “developed” in the universities and labs today.

At some point in the literature, and unfortunately also in the universities, the term (UHPC) Ultra-High-Performance Concrete was created and has caused considerable confusion, especially among users. How can one explain the term PERFORMANCE technically clearly and clearly worldwide? 

Here we would like to help the users to find their way around this jungle of shortcuts and material qualities.

Since the term UHPC is not clearly defined by ASTM worldwide, today a large number of material producers can sell their products under the name UHPC.

We want to make our practical experiences over the years with ultra-high compressive strength concrete systems available to the user.

With LBM UHPC, the construction problem can be solved in many sand-poor countries or very simple, cost-effective, but very effective corrosion protection systems can be offered for many Asian countries.

It is still completely incomprehensible to us that, after more than thirty years, ultra-high-strength concrete materials are rarely or not at all used by architects, civil engineers and construction companies. What are the reasons for that? Because everyone should clearly jump on the benefits or is it clear to anyone what ultra-high-strength concretes are?

Most architects, designerscivil construction engineers, and precasting companies stand on the top of the mountain and do not see the size of the mountain. The mountain is the possibility that we can offer today with LBM UHPC. 

"It is only impossible if you have not tried it"


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