LBM UHPC offers Longer Lifespan with half of the downtime to operations.

As a result of the enormous increase in the new large aircraft generation, like the A 380 will lead to an increasing number of airports having to check their static loads. This mainly affects the runways, taxiways, de-icing areas, stables, and hangar surfaces.

The number of passengers and the associated increase in the number of aircraft, especially of large transport machines, this results in a higher load on airport flooring systems. The average life span of the used linings, whether on runways, taxiways or stands, is getting shorter and the costs of renovation are increasing with extended downtimes. Rigid (concrete) or flexible (asphalt) floor coverings are increasingly stressed.

products are extreme wear resistant and have a extremely high compressive and tensile strengths.

LBM UHPC Overlay

LBM UHPC overlay systems consist of bonded thin toppings, hybrid reinforced toppings, and ultra-thin overlays (unbonded and bonded). The curing time is on request less than 24 hours. The lining system is jointless. LBM UHPC linings like LBM UHPC overlays are much higher corrosion resistant compared to normal standard overlay products.


  • High compressive strength

  • The extremely fast development of compressive strength

  • High wear and impact resistance

  • Absolute freeze and thaw resistance

  • Impermeable to fluids but still vapor permeable

  • Anticorrosive features

  • Great bonding to sub-bases, aggregates, and reinforcements

  • High temperature resistant

  • Jointless lining

  • The extremely fast curing time, depends on the UHPC material quality and the environmental conditions of 6 – 18 hours, depending on the UHPC material quality and the local environmental conditions. For UHPC material qualities we can adjust the curing time on customer request. You have fast installation machines, we have the right UHPC material for you.

Use of recycling material

LBM UHPC is the perfect combination of materials. LBM UHPC can be combined or mixed with an infinite number of aggregates. With a few exceptions, recycling materials (asphalt, concrete, etc.) can be combined very well with LBM UHPC. What new properties this compound has or what we can give it with the right LBM UHPC recipe, can be found in our labs.

LBM UHPC Pavement

LBM UHPC Pavement is a semi-flexible pavement combining the best properties of lightweight concrete and UHPC. It is applied as a lightweight UHPC-based application that hardens to a matrix, in which the voids are filled with UHPC.

In this way, LBM UHPC combines the flexibility and freedom from joints of asphalt with the excellent bearing capacity and high wear resistance of the UHPC.


  • Extremely good combination of strength and flexibility

  • Seamless coating for interior and exterior areas

  • Compared to the standard road and outer linings, extremely high capacity, and durability

  • Temperature stable from -50°C/-58°F to + 90°C/+194°F

  • Extremely high static loads are possible

  • No dust generation

  • Extreme resistance to frost, ice, and de-icing salt

  • Extreme chemical resistance

  • Extreme wear resistance

  • Fast installation

Application areas in a airport building

Indoor application areas

  •    Visitors area
  •    Concourses
  •    Baggage Handling
  •    Storage areas
  •    Workshops
  •    Traffic routes
  •    Parking

Outdoor application areas

  •    Airfield
  •    Rampside area
  •    Parking area
  •    Pedestrian bridge
  •    Roadway
  •    Taxi-Way
  •    Run stand area
  •    Runway
  •    Hangar


  •    Restoration on asphalt ground
  •    Repairs of damaged areas
  •    Depth or complete renovation

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