Alternative Energy

LBM UHPC offers a new world to Alternative and Regenerative Energy Infrastructure.

UHPC materials are used in all processes of alternative and active native energy production used as the material for foundations, as a lining material for protection against corrosion wear, and as a construction material. Due to the diverse application possibilities and the superior properties compared to standard concrete qualities, UHPC are increasingly used in the mentioned areas.

Particularly in the offshore wind turbines and the tidal power plant system, the antifouling effect of UHPC is extremely beneficial. UHPC underwater structures can easily reach a lifetime of over 100 years.

Hydroelectric power plants or storage power plants:

Typical areas for concrete repairs

  • Core walls

  • Deflection tunnel

  • Spillways

  • Stilling basins

  • Slope protection

 Advantages of UHPC compared to standard concrete for repairs

  • Extremely high compressive strength

  • Very high adhesion

  • Waterproof from a layer thickness of 15 mm

  • Very high wear resistance

  • Very high corrosion resistance

  • Very high resistance to frost and ice

  • Very high impact resistance

  • Quick and easy installation, even of large areas

  • Thanks to the extremely fine UHPC binder, even the smallest joints and cracks can be closed well and permanently.

  • LBM UHPC can be processed as shotcrete, castable or as mortar.

  • LBM UHPC reaches more than 70% of its maximum nominal strength after 48 hours.

Especially the slides of a dam are subjected to high amounts of wear as a very high volume of water is running over these. LBM UHPC can easily withstand this water. LBM UHPC is the ideal material for dam reinforcement and repair/maintenance. LBM UHPC materials can be quickly and extensively processed as mortar, cast or shotcrete. The rapid and high strength development favors a quick restart of the system.
In the lake in front of the dam, the dam will be subjected to impact by debris, which can deteriorate concrete. Placing a layer of LBM UHPC will end the deterioration.

Tidal power plants
Some tidal power plant systems are already being used in Europe and Asia. There are now a lot of technical variations of tidal power plants for the coasts but also for directly in the sea. One thing all tidal power plants need is a stable saltwater-resistant and durable foundation.

Based on the experience gained with the foundation systems of the offshore wind power plants, high-quality LBM UHPC materials are ideally suited for this purpose. In particular, the enormous adhesive power of LBM UHPC in anchoring and bolt system is required here. What is once cast in a UHPC foundation can no longer be removed from the foundation, even with enormous forces. Not only in this regard, but LBM UHPC is also many times superior to normal standard concrete.

Biogas power plant

Biogas has been produced in many small plants in the past. There are now very large production facilities throughout Europe. The plants have corrosion and wear problems due to the production process. Especially wherever standard concrete was and is being used. Here, a UHPC protective layer of a few millimeters can be used to achieve permanent corrosion and wear protection. To achieve a very long service life, LBM UHPC should be used for the new construction.

Application areas

  • Bunker

  • Shredder

  • Dewater

  • Material transport system

  • Mix tank

  • Fermentation tank

  • Storage tank

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