LBM UHPC offers Architects and Designers a new world to let ideas become reality.

Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC), is a high-strength, ductile material formulated by combining Portland cement, silica fume, high-range water reducer, water, and steel or organic fibers. The material provides compressive strengths up to 29,000 psi / 200 MPa and flexural strengths up to 7,000 psi / 50 MPa.

The ductile behavior of this material is a first for concrete, with the capacity to deform and support flexural and tensile loads, even after initial cracking. The use of this material for construction is simplified by the elimination of reinforcing steel and the ability of the material to be virtually self placing or dry cast.

  • With LBM UHPC material can be made into thin structures of high strength.
  • We produce LBM UHPC for civil construction with compressive strengths from 25 MPa / 3600 psi to 200 MPa / 29000 psi.
  • LBM UHPC products for civil construction reach a minimum of 70% of his compressive strength after 48 hours.
  • LBM UHPC can be easily combined with a variety of other materials. Combination materials can be glass, wood, steel, ceramic, insulation, etc.
  • LBM UHPC elements which are combined with high-performance insulation systems, achieve a thin-layer structure with very high strength and structural values and with extremely good insulating properties for extreme temperature conditions.
  • LBM UHPC elements combined with fiber-optic lighting systems can be used universally. Here there are a variety of new lighting possibilities in the interior design and the facade lighting of a building.
  • LBM UHPC concrete is resistant to saltwater and can thus be used as a protective layer for existing concrete structures or as a structural element for new concrete structures on or in the saltwater. LBM UHPC concrete is an extremely dense material of absolutely saltwater resistance.
  • Due to the high strength values, structures can be manufactured at a much lower layer thickness than previous constructions of standard concrete. This results in significant weight reductions or customize larger individual constructions at the same weight.
  • Due to its special properties such as high strength resistance, temperature resistance, and very good combinability with steel and other materials LBM UHPC products can also be used perfectly as security structures in building construction.
  • Facade elements on the LBM UHPC base are resistant to environmental influences. Facades or facade elements can be made very thin. With thin-layer construction and thus low weight, these elements are easier to install.
  • LBM UHPC is several times more wear-and corrosion-resistant than standard concretes.
  • LBM UHPC as flooring systems are extremely durable in all temperature ranges to mechanical loads
Modern facade and balcony design with LBM UHPC   

The future of the facade and balcony architecture is designed with LBM UHPC (Ultra-High-Performance Concrete). LBM UHPC is concrete material with outstanding properties compared to today’s standard concrete. LBM UHPC is the perfect material for existing building construction, new building construction, and rehabilitation/conservation of historic facade and balcony construction.

Compressive strength
Due to the significantly higher compressive strength (100 – 160 MPa / 14500 – 23000 psi), much thinner (15 mm / 0,6 inch) and more elegant load-bearing structures are possible. Likewise, considerably higher spans of prefabricated parts are possible. LBM UHPC has no pore, so corrosion is not a problem.

Due to the extremely high strength values, balcony systems with elegant design, thin board thickness, and high load capacity can be constructed. This can be of great advantage, especially in the design of green facades and balconies of high-rise buildings. It gives the architect much greater scope for design.

Facade construction can be produced in a fineness that until now was not possible with standard concrete. The finished elements produced with the LBM UHPC casting compound do not require any or very little surface finishing. The dimensional accuracy is so exact after hardening that it is only necessary in extreme cases of extremely high production accuracies in the hundredth of a millimeter range.


According to the facade and balcony plate thickness and geometry, LBM UHPC material systems are compatible with most modern anchoring systems.


As the base material for LBM UHPC facade and balcony materials, we use very high-quality white cement. At the special request of customers, we use the best white cement in the world and in addition, all the other raw materials for our UHPC are also of extreme whiteness. This allows us to highlight the luminosity of color pigments or give LBM UHPC natural stone replicas a luminosity close to the original.

Color pigments additive is added during the mixing of LBM UHPC material or during the production of LBM UHPC material. Minimal color variations, as you can find in natural stones, are possible. Darker colors tend to have larger color variations.

We can produce LBM UHPC systems in such a way, that machining with a waterjet cutting system is possible. With such a cutting system fast cuts and extremely thin cuts are possible.

Surface structures
Due to the nanoparticle technology of LBM UHPC, extremely fine or smooth surface structures can be produced. Almost all-natural stone surfaces can be reproduced. Only the quality of the mold limits fineness or smoothness.

LBM UHPC can be cast almost poreless and capillary-free. Therefore all products made from LBM UHPC are extremely resistant to any environmental influences. Based on this LBM UHPC is 100% saltwater resistant.

All standard LBM UHPC systems are up to 450°C / 842°F temperature resistant. We also produce high-temperature resistant UHPC systems which are temperature stable up to 1200°C / 2190°F. All our UHPC systems are extremely shock temperature resistant.

LBM UHPC materials reach more than 70% of their nominal strength after 24 hours. This means that strength is reached which will reach the standard concretes only after 28 days.

Due to the very high resistance of LBM UHPC façade and balcony materials to environmental influences of all kinds, the expected service life is several times higher than with any other façade material. Moreover, the inspection effort is extremely low. The durability of the LBM UHPC facade and balcony material is 100+ years.

Vertical garden/facade with UHPC  

In future building and facade technology, there will be more and more green facades and roofs. The so-called vertical and horizontal gardens.

The benefits for the residents are many:

  • Improvement of the microclimate
  • Energy savings
  • Shading and cooling
  • Noise protection
  • The gardens act as pollutant filters and reduce enormous amounts of carbon dioxide in the cities.

LBM UHPC offers the architects of these building gardens new possibilities for the construction of these gardens.

The benefits of LBM UHPC are:

  • Extremely high strength
  • Thus, facade parts can be made thin-walled and with low weight.
  • It would be possible to include the foundation system and irrigation system of the plants directly in the facade construction and not to use any pre-hung planting elements.
  • LBM UHPC is extremely resistant to all environmental influences and has very high corrosion resistance.
  • LBM UHPC gives architects the freedom to combine complex façade features (plant support, supply system, insulation, and fastener frame) into one design element.
  • High-temperature UHPC is temperature resistant up to 1000°C / 1832°F and thus extremely fire-resistant.
  • An anchoring system cast in LBM UHPC concrete can not be solved even by high wind speeds.
  • Due to modern fiber technology, metallic reinforcement can be dispensed with in most cases.
  • LBM UHPC has an extremely low to no pore volume. Thus, LBM UHPC layers are waterproof from 10 mm / 0.39-inch thickness.
Decorative LBM UHPC concrete

LBM UHPC systems for decorative concrete floors are particularly suitable for:

  • Kitchen areas

  • Entry and foyer areas

  • Bathroom

  • Pool inside and outside areas

  • Basement

  • Garage

We base ourselves on the development and production of LBM UHPC systems on the highest grades of marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, etc. Our products are self-leveling and self-compacting.

Advantages of LBM UHPC flooring:

  • Extremely high mechanical strength

  • Very is wear resistance

  • Color pigments can be added during production or during mixing.

  • Very good corrosion resistance

  • Extremely low to no porosity

  • Very long life 100 + years

  • Can be combined perfectly with almost all aggregates like minerals, wood, glass, and metals and achieve an infinite number of design effects.

  • Can be heated with a radian system.

  • All types of surface structures can be achieved.

  • The floor surfaces can be used again after a very short drying time.

Design Concrete

We develop together with designers and architects new design ideas, new material combinations and, if necessary, develop new LBM UHPC mixing recipes. Together with architects, designers, and engineers our material production team develops exactly the desired material for the exact applications our partners need.

Our motto is “It is only impossible if you have not tried it”

LBM UHPC material qualities are used from the smallest samples to complete house interiors, from historic buildings to new modern style construction.

We only produce LBM UHPC design material of the highest quality for architects, designers, and engineers.

Benefits of creativity:

  • LBM UHPC can be produced as an extreme white product.

  • LBM UHPC can be produced in a multitude of colors.

  • It can be surface textures produced with a depth of 0.1mm directly from the mold.

  • Its smooth, reflective surfaces are produced directly from the mold. Subsequent polishing is not necessary.

  • It can be made of natural stone marble slabs that are essential hardness than the original

  • LBM UHPC gives you the option to create full creativity, pure, elegant forms, and complex multifunctional elements.

  • LBM UHPC is resistant to the harshest environmental pollution.

  • LBM UHPC has superior resistance against corrosion, abrasion, carbonation, impact, and fire.

  • Thin, delicate structures of high strength.

  • Large manufactured elements in a cast thin-layer constructions are possible.

  • LBM UHPC can be combined in a new way with almost any material (glass, wood, minerals, metals, plastics, etc.).

  • LBM UHPC can achieve very smooth or extremely fine surface structures.

  • LBM UHPC is significantly more resistant than any standard concretes to chemical attacks.

Our qualities can be processed with standard mixing machines.

We are working on a new cast process in order to be able to achieve even finer wall thicknesses and structures.

We want to invite students and designers from all over the world to work together with us to develop new design ideas and put them to practical use.

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