LBM UHPC offers longterm solutions for storage of radioactive materials and hazardous substances.

Storage of radioactive material

One way to encapsulate such Low-Level Waste (LLW), Intermediate Level Waste (ILW), and Trans Uranic Waste (TRUW) substances more safely and cost-effectively than is currently practiced is to pour them into UHPC concrete blocks. LBM UHPC has a large number of advantages over the previous storage in barrels of different material quality and pouring into glass.

The advantages of new designs are:

  • LBM UHPC concrete is very easy to process as a casting and spraying compound.

  • Radioactive material is mixed with water and LBM UHPC material and poured into a mold. Dust generation is extremely low to none at this process.

  • LBM UHPC concrete has an extremely high-pressure resistance compared to all standard concretes.

  • LBM UHPC concrete is completely waterproof.

  • What is poured into LBM UHPC can not corrode anymore.

  • LBM UHPC is saltwater resistant.

  • LBM UHPC also hardens underwater.

  • LBM UHPC in its high-temperature version can be used at continuous temperatures up to 1200°C/2192°F.

  • A special LBM UHPC mixture allows good heat transfer to the outside surface.

  •  It is easy to cast sensors into the casting UHPC material. They can send continuously relevant data such as temperature, radioactivity, location, or general life data.

  • LBM UHPC is based on nanotechnology, the material particles are extremely fine. Almost all other particles are surrounded by this glue from extremely fine particles. Even with a break of a UHPC block, the foreign matter is firmly trapped in the debris.

  • It is easy to mix radiation and neutron blocking materials into the UHPC block.

 The advantages of sealing existing Near-Surface and Deep-Geological disposals are:

  • LBM UHPC casting compounds can have a very high flowability and easily penetrate into cracks and joints and seal them.

  • LBM UHPC casting compounds are self-compacting.

  • All LBM UHPC casting compounds are pumpable and sprayable.

  • All LBM UHPC casting compounds reach more than 70% after 48 hours.

Weak and moderately active demolition material from former nuclear power plants can easily be found in LBM UHPC material to be poured.

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