Federal Buyer's Guide

Company Information
Value Proposition
Key Products
Contract Vehicles

Company Information

Company Name:    LBM Research Associates, Inc.

Company Size:    Small Business

DUNS Number:    117115916

Cage Code:    8CK65

Company Contact:

Mark Moran, Vice President

E: mmoran@lbmresearchassoc.com

Value Proposition to Federal Agencies

  • Cost-Effective Security Solutions for Federal Facilities
  • Non-Obtrusive Bollards
  • Provide Unique and Custom Bollard Products
  • Comply with Buy-American and Trade Agreements Act
  • Highest strength Ultra-High Performance Concrete


  • 237310 Concrete Paving, Airport runway construction, Bridge construction, causeway construction, Resurfacing
  • 238990 All Other Trade Contractors
  • 327390 Other Concrete Product Manufacturing
  • 444190 Other Building Material Dealers
  • 561621 Security System Services (except Locksmiths)
  • 238110 Concrete finishing, Concrete pouring, Concrete pumping, Concrete resurfacing, Footing and foundation concrete contractors, Grouting, Gunning Concrete, Retaining wall (except anchored earth), poured concrete, construction
  • 238120 Concrete product (e.g., structural precast, structural pre-stressed), Concrete reinforcement placement, Curtain wall, precast concrete, installation
  • 327320 Central-mixed concrete manufacturing, Concrete batch plants (including temporary), Ready-mix concrete manufacturing and distributing, transit-mixed concrete manufacturing, Truck-mixed concrete manufacturing
  • 327332 Concrete pipe manufacturing
  • 541330 Engineering Services

Key Products

  1. Pre-Cast Concrete Products
    • Curtain Walls
    • Building envelopes
    • Façades
    • Pilings
    • Beams
    • Blast walls
    • Seawalls
    • Fireproof & waterproof storage structures
    • Border & perimeter walls/fencing
  2. Bollards
    • Custom bollards
    • Planter bollards
    • Bench bollards
    • Trash/recycle can bollards
    • Traditional Cylindrical bollards
    • Jersey barriers
    • Bremer walls
  3. Ultra-High Performance Concrete
    • UHPC compound
    • UHPC concrete

Contract Vehicles

  • Purchase Agreement
  • Credit Card (P-Card)
  • Blanket Purchase Order
  • Subcontract


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