UHPC material has been used for more than 25 years worldwide for various industrial sectors such as cement plants, power plants, iron, steel, machining, and mining industry. Developed and produced as wear protection and industrial flooring or as a foundation and anchoring system for the offshore and mechanical engineering industry.

LBM UHPC is excellently suited as the product for machine beds and frames of any kind of high-precision boring machines, grinding, and milling machines.


LBM UHPC is suitable

  • for foundation beds and frame components of highly dynamic machine tools

  • for foundations of highly loaded machines, e.g. engines, generators, turbines, etc.

  • for foundations in the paper, wood, printing, milling, and textile industries

Advantages are:

  • Based on the accuracy of the molds can be without subsequent.

  • With LBM UHPC an accuracy of 0.1 mm/0.004 inches can be obtained from the mold when using appropriate molds. The accuracy can be increased to 0.005 mm/0.0002 inches by looping.

  • Extremely high-pressure resistance

  • Very good rigidity of the plant

  • Very good damping properties compared to cast steel constructions. The vibration damping of UHPC is approx. 70 – 80% faster than standard cast steel constructions.

  • Thermal properties such as:

Can be used up to 450°C/840°F without loss of technical properties

Dimensional stability

 High thermal shock resistance

Inertia in heat transport

  • Low thermal expansion

  • Extreme flowability

  • All types and sizes of anchors, pins, threaded sleeves, steel construction elements, and pipes can easily be cast.

  • Extreme adhesion to cast-in fastening and anchor elements.

  • Very high corrosion resistance

  • Due to the high strength development, material thickness and material weights can be calculated significantly lower.

  • UHPC castings can be deactivated within 24 hours and reach more than 70% of their final strength after less than 48 hours.

  • Drastically reduced costs

  • Elements made of UHPC could be recycled as normal building rubble.

  • Due to the low energy consumption and low CO2 load, the production is much more environmentally friendly than cast, steel, and reaction resin concrete.

 Technical data for UHPC Cast products are:
Density:   2700 – 2900 kg/m
 / 168 – 181 lb/ft 3
Compressive strength after 2 days:   100 – 120 MPa /  14500 – 17500 psi
Compressive strength after 28 days:   140 – 250 MPa /  20300 – 36200 psi
Bending tensile strength:   19 – 29 MPa /  2755 – 4200 psi
Max. process temperature:
 450°C /  840°F

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