The most effective weapon on the modern battlefield today is UHPC. 

LBM UHPC products are based on the newest Ultra-High-Performance Concrete and nanoparticle technology. Safeguards whether for civilian or military objects to protect against bombings, terrorist or military attacks are always current.

We distinguish between stationary safeguards such as airfields, munition depots, data centers, headquarters, supply centers, etc., and mobile systems for protecting people, and military equipment (e.g. properties, observation posts, etc.) in international use.

Due to their unique properties, UHPC can hereby assume a large part of these tasks. LBM UHPC can be combined with virtually all materials. From these combinations, we can create unique technical properties.

ANTI-TERRORIST CONCRETE: UHPC was developed for this purpose, to battle against terrorist attacks of all kinds. LBM UHPC is limitless to its range of applications for blast protection and ballistics mitigation construction. LBM UHPC precasted defense products are produced and tested against forced entry, explosions, direct fire, and impact with little to no Foreign Object Debris (FOD). Most of all we are able to produce these products with architecturally shapeable precision. LBM UHPC products can also be used for retrofit projects such as a protection layer for existing facades.

LBM UHPC precasted defense products that we produce can be designed and engineered with half the thickness and weight with higher resistances and shatterproof unlike traditional and reinforced concrete.

*ADDITIONAL NOTE: LBM UHPC can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements for your project needs.

UHPC Advantages
  • Extreme compressive strength (300 – 400 MPa / 43500 psi – 58000 psi)
  • Extreme bending/tensile strength (40 – 50 MPa / 5800 psi – 7200 psi)
  • In conjunction with intelligent reinforcement, the strength can be increased many times over.
  • LBM UHPC constructions are able to absorb heavy blasts.
  • LBM UHPC structures with the same wall thicknesses as standard concrete can give 4 times more protection.
  • LBM UHPC has extremely high early strengths compared to standard and reinforced concrete.
  • LBM UHPC loses very little of its high strength even at permanent temperatures up to 1200°C (2190°F).
  • Absolute saltwater resistant
  • The civilian development of a floating full UHPC design that does not sink even in the event of damage, leakage, or breakage could also be used militarily as a floating platform, island, port, airport, basecamp, or supply platform. LBM UHPC is extremely resistant to ice wear and can therefore be used in extremely cold seas/climates.
  • High wear and corrosion protection.
  • Compared to the same load, the wall thickness will be lower than for standard concrete.
  • Extreme fast strength development. LBM UHPC achieves more than 70% of its maximum rated strength in less than 48 hours.
  • Extreme ductile compared to standard concrete constructions.
  • Significant resistance to penetration from high-velocity fragments and projectiles.
  • Another civil solution regarding the production of UHPC could also be used without any problems. Mobile production in containers, a system of several 40″ containers results in a complete material production plant including mixing system for direct on-site processing.
  • There have also been some tests for UHPC underwater stations. An underwater dome was loaded with a water pressure from 3500 meters deep without cracks or other damage.

UHPC is used as:
Firearms protection

Rifles of all calibers*

Automatic weapons of all calibers*

Handguns of all calibers*
*Ammunition: full metal jacket bullet, hollow point bullet, expanding bullet, high-velocity bullet, armor-piercing, incendiary

Splitter proof wall construction
Protection from car bombs in close range, hand grenades, small and medium explosions.

Military bunker and shelter system
UHPC in combination with special aggregates and reinforcement is high impact resistant.


UHPC is used for installing Intersection, Truck pads, Heavy equipment pads, Airport runway, Helicopter pads, Dock, and wharf decks.

Bunker/Shelter systems

High-raise bunker – light bunker systems (E.g. Aircraft bunker)
High-raise bunker – heavy bunker systems (E.g. Submarine bunker)
High-raise bunker – light bunker systems (E.g. Air-raid shelter)
High-raise bunker – light bunker systems (E.g. Ammunition bunker)
Pillbox bunkerlight bunker systems
Underground bunkers –  heavy bunker systems (E.g. Headquarter bunker)
Underground bunker – extremely heavy bunker systems (E.g. Nuclear bunker or extremely resistant bunker system against penetrator weapons)

Areas of use


  • Jet shelter
  • Ammunition bunker
  • Runways
  • Air field repair
  • Blast shelter
  • Bunker
  • Air field building protection
  • Special air field installation for vertical starter jets


  • Harbor facilities protection
  • Barracks
  • Boat docking areas
  • Dock and wharf decks
  • Pier supports
  • Ammunition bunker
  • Submarine bunker
  • Dry dock
  • Blast shelter
  • Air field repair
  • Special air field installation for aircraft carriers
  • Bunker


  • Ammunition bunker
  • Barracks
  • Roads
  • Road repair
  • Blast shelter
  • Bunker
  • Vehicles building protection
  • Special airfield installation
  • Special roads for heavy supply trucks and trailers
  • Special roads for mobile gun systems
  • Parking pads
  • Heavy equipment pads

Benefits of LBM UHPC defense products:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Acoustics
  • Increased durability
  • Extreme ductility
  • Minimal to no maintenance
  • High resistance against dynamic loading
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Diversity in design expression
  • Repetitive precasting (faster production time)
  • Consistent high levels of quality control
  • Variety of finishes on load bearing and non-load bearing components
  • Fireproof
  • Architects can design thinner concrete elements, improving the architectural appearance of their work.
  • High modulus of elasticity (MOE) which can be in the 7,500 ksi range
  • High tensile strength compared to normal concrete
  • LBM UHPC has a higher bond strength to steel reducing the size of a concrete placement needed to bond concrete elements.
  • Structural elements can be smaller and more lightweight compared to those made with normal concrete
  • LBM UHPC eliminates capillary pores making it impervious to water and salt penetration without sealing the surface.
  • Extremely low shrinkage making it perfect for non-shrink grout
  • LBM UHPC transfers even the finest relief from molded surfaces resulting in more ideal architectural concrete pieces.
  • High explosion and bullet resistance
  • Anti-Eaves dropping and X-ray absorption
  • Abrasion resistance

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