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Are you tired of replacing and repairing your roadways annually with higher financial burdens?

LBM UHPC can be applied as a top layer product with a compressive strength of 120 – 220 MPa / 18100 – 36260 PSI after a curing time of 24 hours. The standard lining thickness is 25 – 50 mm with a lifespan of 100+ years and increased load limits. 


  • High compressive strength
  • The fast development of compressive strength
  • High wear and impact resistance
  • Absolute frost and thaw resistance
  • Impermeable to fluids but still vapor permeable
  • Anticorrosive features
  • Good bonding to sub-bases, aggregates, and reinforcement
  • Jointless lining
  • Fast curing
  • Short repair stops
  • Extremely good combination of strength and flexibility
  • Seamless coating for interior and exterior areas
  • Compared to the standard road and outer linings, extremely high load capacity and durability
  • Temperature stable from -50°C/-58°F to + 90°C/+194°F
  • High static loads are possible
  • No dust generation
  • High resistance to frost and de-icing salt
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Very good wear resistance
  • Fast installation
Repair and Maintenance

In principle, all concrete floor/pavement coverings and road surfaces can be repaired in the shortest possible time by using LBM UHPC.

Asphalt material can be reused as an aggregate for LBM UHPC overlay material. Prior to re-use, a processing test should clarify which strength values are achieved by the re-used asphalt material.

With LBM UHPC overlay, it is also possible to fill hollow spaces very well under the asphalt layer, which has been leached out, for example, by high water. LBM UHPC overlay is extremely fluid and penetrates into all cavities and cleaves and fills them.

We do not see LBM UHPC fiber-reinforced materials as an alternative to normal road or industrial floor coverings, LBM UHPC material is used where these normal floor coverings meet their load limits.

This can be:

  • Extreme temperature stresses

  • Very high point/pressure loads

  • Very high wear

  • Chemical/corrosive attack

  • Extreme environmental stress


  • Mines – Roads

  • Desert – Roads

  • City roads

  • Bridge decks

  • Chemical plants – Roads, Safety areas

  • Refineries – Roads, Safety areas

  • Airport – Taxiways, Runways, Parking slots

  • Roads on the water on dams, and jetties

Specifically, highways, streets, ramps, bridges, heavy military vehicles, etc.

LBM UHPC Concrete Flooring Systems

Industrial floors are permanently impacted by heavy traffic and material movements. Necessary renovation and repairs are important for production traffic in industrial areas.

LBM UHPC floors are extremely wear-resistant and have an extremely high compressive strength after a short curing time of 24 hours. The lining is most of the time jointless. LBM UHPC floors are very high corrosion resistant compared to normal standard flooring products. Also, a high-temperature resistant version of the LBM UHPC floors is available.

The standard range of LBM UHPC Industrial Flooring Systems:

The standard range of LBM UHPC industrial flooring systems consists of bonded thin toppings, hybrid reinforced toppings, and ultra-thin overlays (unbonded and bonded).

LBM UHPC can be used in a layer thickness of 6 mm to 100 mm, depending on the application and units. The compressive strengths start at 100 MPa and can reach up to 220 MPa depending on the aggregate used.

At 20°C/68°F approximately 50 – 60% of the final compressive strength will be reached within 24 hours after casting. Both the compressive strength and the wear resistance of the product can be adjusted by using other aggregates. Impact strength and ductility can be adjusted by using fiber reinforcement.

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