Security & Vehicle Mitigation
Security through Beautification

LBM UHPC is a highly effective security solution.

In the development of LBM UHPC for security, our decades of experience in the field of security protection and vehicle mitigation have been particularly incorporated.

  • High-temperature application in the blast furnace area up to 1200°C/2192°F.

  • Extreme impact wear protection in a material bunker, collision protection of heavy goods vehicles.

  • Extreme abrasive wear in material handling.

  • UHPC fiber-reinforced systems are based on this successful technology, making it a unique product for the security industry.

LBM UHPC casting systems are used in combination with special reinforcement systems, ceramic, metallic aggregates, and ceramic or metallic fiber products. One of the many advantages of UHPC is the extreme bond between steel reinforcement, all types of fibers, and all types of aggregates.

America has been facing multiple new enemies since 2011 both domestically and foreign. As the tactics are ever changing so is our fight to divert the potential for these attacks. Our motivation to create new life saving products is “people”. We want the future generations to feel safe where ever they may go. With more than four decades of infrastructure security, critical infrastructure security, and perimeter security experience, LBM UHPC is involved in securing security contracts, delivering the product on-site, and providing the manpower to certify and oversight the installation of these products worldwide.

LBM UHPC is currently testing our new line of shallow mount hostile vehicle mitigation barriers. Our barriers are different then the barriers and bollards that we typically see in cities today. Our vehicles barriers are extremely shallow mounted with a focus on “Security through Beautification”. Less use of foreign steel and more use from the hostile vehicle mitigation product.

*UPDATE: We are currently working on ASTM certification, USACE K-rating, and Department of Homeland Security Safety Act. All updates will be posted on our site as they are completed with full test result findings.

LBM Barrier Use

LBM UHPC bollards/barriers are the ideal replacement for standard non-operable bollards and barriers in just about any and all applications.

  • Precast pouring of larger and longer structural elements
  • Injection or extrusion techniques
  • Custom molding the meet the customers needs. (examples: planters, benches, statues, art pieces, trash/recycle cans, traditional cylinder bollards, etc.)
  • Pre and post-tensioning components
  • Patented Interlocking System
  • Cast-in-place joints between precasted structures with no shrinkage
  • Link slabs between adjacent spans
  • Effective perimeter protection providing a guaranteed standoff required to protect
  • Border/perimeter walls

Advantages in the application of LBM UHPC:

  • Compressive strength from 160 MPa/23200 psi to 300 MPa/43500 psi

  • Due to the extreme strength development, much thinner wall thicknesses are possible compared to standard and reinforced concrete which reduce drastically the weight of protection systems.

  • In addition to the standard, LBM UHPC has a temperature resistance of min. 450°C/842°F, we also provide high-temperature resistance (up to 1200°C/2192°F).

  • Extreme ductility

  • Safety panels can be cast with a very high accuracy.

  • Extreme resistance to a variety of mechanical tools, explosives, firearms, and vehicles.

  • After less than 48 hours LBM UHPC achieves under normal environmental conditions 70% of its nominal strength.

LBM UHPC concrete can be used for:

New constructions of any kind with LBM UHPC, you save about 30-50% of the conventional and reinforced concrete wall thickness with higher safety functions.

Subsequent installation of LBM UHPC can be carried out as finished parts or as a form-fit molded lining by means of a mold. This can be done inside as well as in the outer building protection.

  • Internal building protection includes security rooms, and protection of building supports against explosions, fire, and attacks with heavy vehicles.

  • Exterior building protection includes ramming obstacles, protective walls in the terrain, and facades systems providing security against firearms and explosives.

Innovative Applications

Some of the more innovative ways our products are being applied include:

  • City sidewalk pedestrian protection
  • Hostile vehicle protection to large gathering areas in outdoor malls
  • Hostile vehicle protection to large gathering areas at concert venues
  • Hostile vehicle protection to large gathering areas at sports venues
  • Perimeter walls for military installations
  • U.S. southern border wall
  • Foundation/support pour for additional support to operable bollard and wedge systems
  • Higher-strength jersey barriers
  • Higher-strength T-walls (Bremer walls)

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