Consulting & Service

LBM UHPC offers our experienced staff and international partners to assist in your projects success.

We would like to share our experience in the development, production, and application of UHPC (Ultra-high-Performance Concrete) in industries worldwide.

We manufacture UHPC, UHPC grout, UHPC shotcrete, and UHPC precast materials. Our UHPC products are used as construction materials, wear protection materials, anti-corrosion materials, safety materials, road surfaces, industrial floor systems, fire and temperature protection materials, design materials, floating constructions, etc.

Here is a selection of industrial sectors that have been using UHPC materials for more than 25 years:

Steel industry, cement industry, power plant industry, road construction (DOTs), façade construction, wind power plants, bridge construction, offshore industry, port architecture, airports, building structures, seismic fuses, security industry, military, coastal protection, sewers, chemical industry, petroleum refining, design, waste treatment industry, food industry, etc.


Material Services
     – Research and Development
     – Research of new raw material
     – Documentation of the raw material
     – Purchasing of raw materials

Installation Services
     – Supervisors
     – Installation documentation
     – Testing the customer processing machines for suitability for UHPC

Training Services
     – Practical training of a customer installation team
     – Training of a Supervisor
     – Training of the in-house technicians
     – Training of the sales teams

Training of Instructors Services
     – Practical and theoretical training of the customer instructor

 Repair Services
     – Documentation of repair methods

Engineering Services
     – Construction of a mixing plant
     – Construction of a UHPC production

     – Reduce energy consumption

Project consulting
     – Technical documentation incl. drawings
     – Quality control

Futures Services
     – Vision of new material development and installtion
     – Future Projects and vision

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