UHPC Shotcrete

We are one of the very few producers worldwide for high quality UHPC Ultra-High-Performance Concrete products that can also respond flexibly to customer and market specifications.

The demands and requirements of our worldwide customers is our engine for the further development of our products.

UHPC Shotcrete Advantages

  • While builders using shotcrete need to be skilled, they don’t have to be as technically trained as someone working with Gunite because the concrete is premixed.
  • Shotcrete forms a strong and consistent coating.
  • Shotcrete requires less time.
  • No dust development
  • Better working conditions
  • More constant concrete quality due to pre-defined water / cement content
  • Higher compressive strength with no fluctuations
  • Fast uniform strength development
  • Larger layer thickness due to more effective reaction of the additives
  • Minimal air consumption
  • Easy use of fibers
  • High Security
  • Very low material rebound
  • Significantly larger spray performance
UHPC Shotcrete is a high strength, high density, fast curing UHPC concrete consisting of a UHPC system and ceramic or mineral aggregates.
Due to the very high compressive strength in combination with a high material packing density and hard aggregates, a flexible and easy-to-process sprayable UHPC concrete with material properties that exceeds those of normal concrete by many times. All UHPC Shotcrete products are self-compacting.

The high material density of UHPC Shotcrete prevents the penetration of liquid or gaseous foreign substances. UHPC Shotcrete achieves the maximum material properties only by wet spraying.
Fields of application for UHPC Shotcrete
 – Repair of bridges
 – Repair of dams and reservoirs
 – Seismic retrofit
 – Repair of sewers
 – Ground support – Stabilization
 – Soil nailing
 – Tunneling
 – New construction of pools
 – New construction of foundation
 – Landscape design
 – Pools
 – Tanks
 – Domes
 – Foundation

Advantages of UHPC Shotcrete

  • offers extreme high compressive strength
  • offers extreme high flexural strength
  • offers 70% of the nominal strength after less than 48 hours
  • can be installed jointless
  • is corrosion resistant to a variety of substances.
  • can be applied in flexible layer thicknesses.
    can be easily installed, even overhead installation.
  • flexible to install, even complex surface geometries can easily be lined.
Questions and answers about UHPC Shotcrete
1. If special surface preparation is necessary?
  • Steel structure :

      (The surface should be free of oils and rust particles).

  • Concrete structure :
      The surface should be free of loose particles and a primer separation layer should be applied.
2. Which anchoring system is preferred?
  • Expanded metal, wire mesh mats, special anchors

3. What kind of machines are required for installation?

  • Pan pot mixer or screw mixer and a concrete pump (eg Putzmeister)

4. With how much material rebound has to be calculated?

  • The material rebound is at a vertical surface of less than 2%

5. What layer thicknesses can be applied?

  • Layer thicknesses of 15 – 200 mm (0,59 – 7,84 inches) are possible to apply.

6. Is overhead installation possible?

  • Yes, UHPC Shotcrete qualities can be installed up to 100 mm (4 inches) overhead.

7. What average installation capacity is reached when capacity is possible.

    vertical surfaces.
  • That depends on which pumping capacity you plan and which machines you use and which layer thicknesses you want to inject.
  • With an experienced team of fitters, 100 m²  (1100 sq. ft.) per working day can be reached.

8. After how many hours the installed surface can be stressed?

  • After 48 hours, the material has a strength obtained at the liner surface may be stressed.

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