Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Technical Information and Resources

Ultra-High Performance Concrete is still a relatively new concrete technology, but it is quickly gaining favor among federal and state governments. In an effort to help contractors, builders, developers, and others in the concrete industry gain a better understanding of UHPC, we have compiled a list of resources for easy reference.

General Overview & Usage Information

Ultra-High Performance Concrete – A document providing an in-depth look at UHPC, including how it is made, mixed, and is used.

Design and Construction of Field-Cast UHPC Connections – Guidance from FHWA on the design and deployment of field-cast UHPC connections. Includes a case study

Government Initiatives

Every Day Counts (EDC) – Additional details on the EDC-3 and EDC-4 initiatives supporting the use of UHPC for prefabricated bridge elements and systems.

Research & Reports

Ultra-High Performance Concrete: A State-of-the-Art Report for the Bridge Community – This report discusses in detail the state of the art in regards to research, development, and deployment of UHPC in Highway transportation infrastructure in the United States.

Ballistic Penetration Tests for Ductal and Ultra-High Performance Concrete Samples – A Sandia National Laboratories report confirming the superior performance of Cor-Tuf® UHPC under ballistic penetration tests as compared to Ductal.

UHPC: Pathway to Commercialization – A document outlining the results of a workshop sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate, and the National Transportation Security Center of Excellence (NTSCOE) at the University of Connecticut to promote the acceptance and use of UHPC in U.S. construction.

Strain Rate-Dependent Shear Failure Surfaces of Ultra-High Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concretes

UHPC: A Robust Solution for Highway Infrastructure – FHWA

Performance Benefits of Fiber-Reinforced Thin Concrete Pavement and Overlays – Minnesota Department of Transportation


Cost and Ecological Feasibility of Using UHPC in Highway Bridges – The results of a study sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s University Transportation Centers Program to determine the economic and environmental feasibility of UHPC cross-sections in bridges.

Early-Age Strength of Ultra-High Performance Concrete in Various Curing Conditions – A study of the curing techniques and conditions used on-site for UHPC with the purpose of expediting the use of UHPC on construction sites.

Evaluation of Ultra-High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete – A report from the Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research which analyzes the structural behavior of precast beams made with UHPC.

Additional Resources

Ultra-High Performance Concrete Publications – The FHWA’s UHPC research and development program has published a number of publications covering the applications and uses of UHPC. The resource provides a list of those publications with direct links to sources when available.

North American Deployments of UHPC in Highway Bridge Construction – An interactive map and list of all in-service bridges in the United States and Canada that use UHPC.

UHPC Connections for Prefabricated Bridge Elements – An example checklist for the construction of UHPC connections for prefabricated bridge elements. This is an excellent resource for bridge owners to consult when developing inspection procedures.

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