UHPC Technology

The world of construction can be "future-proofed".

We do not want to bore you with chemical formulas and theoretical analogies. Much of this is what you will learn in general literature and universities.

Here, the theory should be simplified a bit, and more value placed on our practices.

One of the main goals in the development was to develop an ultra-high-compressive-strength concrete that also demonstrates tensile strengths of that seen in steel.

In order to increase the compressive strength many times over, the pores had to be filled and at the same time significantly reduce the water consumption during mixing. To achieve this, so-called plasticizers were used, which drastically reduce the surface tension of the water. So it can moisten a large surface with very little water. To fill the pores we need extremely fine nano-sized materials and even finer ones.

Microsilica and fly ash are used today, among other things.

White cement or portland cement are used as base types of cement.

If you have created a mixture with these raw materials, only the aggregates are missing. Depending on the application, aggregates of different quality and sizes are added. If all of this has been precisely matched, one has made UHPC with a definite character.

Now you have UHPC with a certain desired property. Now you have to test the UHPC if it is workable. Of course, the handling/installation should be as easy as possible without the requirements of any special tools.

UHPC – General Material Composition

Special cement binding material contributes to the main part of the compressive and tensile strengths.

Microsilica, Flyash, Special Densifies, contributes to the compressive strength, “lubricates”
the aggregates

Breaks down agglomeration and packs the particles

Fine special aggregates
Fit required properties (Stones and/or fibres)

Special fine particle
Support of bonding and packing

UHPC quality

As the term UHPC is not internationally specified, everyone can basically call their cement material UHPC .

Here are some comments on the quality differences
1. Most of our UHPC materials have an extremely low water/cement value from 0.2
to 0.18.

2. We use only microsilica of the highest quality, which means that this microsilica has a guaranteed consistent quality. When we order 500 tons microsilica, the quality is the same throughout the delivery. In our opinion, this can only be guaranteed by one factory in the world without any problems, and all other manufacturers have problems with consistent quality. For fly ash, this constant quality is much more difficult to produce or control, but fly ash is also much cheaper in price. Since we only produce the highest quality, we do not use fly ash in our materials.

3. The effort for quality control is very high for the raw materials. Even the best cement can vary in composition, and changes in cement composition immediately affect UHPC quality and processing.

UHPC Material production development

Experience and Know-how – Everything from one source

We develop new innovative UHPC systems for a wide range of requirements for our customers. These materials developments incorporate more than twenty years of worldwide experience in the development, production, and application of UHPC materials.

We have developed, produced, and applied UHPC products for architecture, design, facades, offshore, anti-corrosion, wear protection, flooring, power plants, steel mills, mining, shipping, military, engineering, airports, port facilities, etc.

You would like to have your own UHPC production?

We advise and assist you:

  • In the design of the production plant

  • Raw material evaluation of local raw materials

  • Research and selection of alternative raw materials

  • Assistance with the procurement of production facilities

  • Production preparation and production start

  • Accompaniment of local production by our specialists

  • Training of local staff through workshops

  • Introduction of a material and quality inspection

We develop according to your requirement specification for you:

  • UHPC systems for use as mortar, casting compound, shotcrete products

  • UHPC systems for continuous temperatures up to 1200°C

  • UHPC systems with fast-curing properties

  • UHPC systems as lightweight concrete

  • UHPC systems, impermeable to water and underwater applications

We produce for you according to your recipe your UHPC quality as ready mix in standard paper bags, plastic containers, Super Sacks, or silo trucks in any quantity you want.

We can be your development partner. You have innovative, extraordinary UHPC material, product, or application idea and are looking for a development partner. Please contact us at any time. With your ideas and our experience, interesting future-oriented products should be created for you.

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