Vaults and Safe Rooms

We understand a bank vault as a room where money, records, documents and valuables are stored.

As compared to older vaults modern bank vaults are made by using thinner and lighter materials but they are still highly secure.

Today bank vault doors consist of UHPC and special steel rods for reinforcement.

UHPC systems are used in combination with special reinforcements, ceramic, metallic aggregates and ceramic or metallic fiber products. One of the many advantages of UHPC is the extreme bond between steel reinforcement, all types of fibers and all types of aggregates.

Advantages in the application of UHPC:

  • Compressive strength from 160 MPa/23200 psi to 300 MPa/43500 psi

  • Due to the extreme strength development, much thinner wall thicknesses are possible compared to standard concrete which reduces drastically the weight of the safe.

  • In addition to the standard UHPC which has a temperature resistance of min. 450°C/842°F, we also provide high-temperature resistance (up to 1200°C/2192°F).

  • Safety panels can be cast with precision and accuracy.

  • Extreme resistance to a variety of advanced burglary/forced entry tools.

  • After less than 48 hours UHPC achieves under normal environmental conditions 70% of its nominal strength.

  • LBM UHPC is self-compacting

  • LBM UHPC is extremely corrosion resistant

  • LBM UHPC has extremely low to no pores which lead to very good corrosion protection in the case of removed constructions.

LBM UHPC can be used as a “filling mortar“ for safes, strong rooms, doors, bank vaults panels, barrier material, precast elements, etc.
An intelligent vault wall structure made of LBM UHPC, ceramic aggregates, special fibers and a special reinforcement system makes a burglary/attack almost impossible.

  • LBM UHPC + ceramic and metallic aggregates secure the safe against any kind of drilling or cutting.

  • Special fibers and special metallic reinforcement systems make it virtually impossible to break in with pneumatic and mechanical burglary/forced entry tools.

Security/Safe rooms may vary greatly in requirements:

  • Security rooms for IT and server systems

  • Safety rooms for safekeeping of persons

  • Security rooms for secure storage of valuables

  • Security rooms against terrorist attacks

  • Security rooms against environmental threats

There are different LBM UHPC systems for all these special customer requirements. Prefabricated parts can be manufactured with LBM UHPC or the rooms can be manufactured on-site with these LBM UHPC systems.

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